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Default Spry Menu Click Issue

Hello, I 've been checking your answers for 3-4 weeks now, on the spry menu and I 've got 2 questions that it would really be appreciated if someone could answer...

Is it possible for the <.a href="#"> to be removed and not screw the way IE handles the menu?

Actually what I really want, is not having the site get "refreshed" if someone by accident clicks on a menu item with a sub-menu included.
and the second...

If someone clicks on a sub-menu item, I have a picture swap function on the onClick event, if he goes for another sub-menu item, the sub-menu closes down and he's forced to repeat the navigation to get to that sub-menu item. Google chrome handles the menu bar exactly the way I want it. If you wouldn't mind checking out the site ( with an IE or a Firefox and then with Chrome u would understand what I'm saying, but I'm guessing you are already aware if this behavior.

Is there a way to replicate the way Chrome handles the menu bar in Firefox and IE?

Forgive me for the long post, I've been trying to get answers of the web with no luck so far.
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