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Originally Posted by Ross
I wouldn't min dknowing the best way to start learning how to make templates? I have good ideas for designs but can never do them myself and it is hard getting what you want over to another designer.
I was the worst when it came to designing a website that was appealing to the eyes. I am backend programmer so design was never a specialty of mine.

Over the past year I have devoted a lot of time honing my Photoshop skills. I used to purchase templates in the past because I could not for the life of me think of a design, they always turned out horrible. After purchasing numerous templates I was able to pickup on some tips that other designers used in Photoshop. Now I only design my own sites, sure they are nothing compared to or anything.

One of the things I do for a new site is first go around and look at the competitions designs. I get my ideas and inspiration from there. I'll look at several competitorsí sites for about a day. The next day I will fire up Photoshop and start designing without going back to the competitorsí sites. I find that this allows me to go on memory from what I have seen from my competitorsí sites. And what ends up happening is that ideas from all the sites I have seen get morphed into something that I came up with. Looking at the competitorsí websites or just well designed websites in general help to get the creative side of my brain going, be it a small one.

I always start with a simple 800x600 Photoshop canvas. I always work from the top down concentrating on the header first. Not only do I try to make the colors flow I also want to make sure that the skeleton of the front page flows. For example I wouldn't have a rounded header and then use squares for the navigation. If I am working with a dark blue theme then I try to have the base colors like the background of the nav and the right and left boxes all in a dark shade of blue or black or grey. For the navigation I tend to use a color that stands out but not something like a bright yellow. I would normally use a slightly dark orange that is easy on the eyes. This stands out to the user as something important but itís not an eye sore.

Something I can't stand are very busy websites with flash navigation and flash headers and flash here and there and colors bursting all over the place. I prefer to have one base or two base colors from which I work off of.

Hope this helps a bit .

By the way I still suck at web design but I'm slowly getting better
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