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Default Ajax. Couple of questions.

Thanks for tutorials.

So much easier on Video! Though do have a question.

If I have five drop down boxes using ajax, or for that matter not using ajax. Each of these is directly underneath each other, and appears using ajax based on the previous selection.

The question is. Can the user make a search at time any time, and have a seperate search button come up each time, next to that box, and correspondingly move down the line of boxes as they appear. So effectively they choose the complexity of their search?

Another question: When I get to my third last box, the choices require that sometimes the fourth list/dropdown be bypassed and goes straight to the otpions presented in the fifth. How do I work it so that in this instance the fifth box actually appears in place of the fourth (in the fourth box position, but with fifth box options)?

Also am confused over how to get data, i.e.: name, number, web adress, email from the database into a sexy web format!

Thanks Again,


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