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Thanks you for your reply!

Originally Posted by Ricky55 View Post
You're thinking of Responsive Design like one used to think when we worked with fixed width designs....

Deal with the desktop size first and then adjust your design as the screen size comes down or the more common approach ...
Yes, you are right!

My problem are a questions:

1) Should my project has max width - say 1500px and than stop resize?

2) If yes, how can I find (or is there) safe/optimal "starting width" for desktop to start design in Photoshop?

3) Or should I start (in Photoshop) with my intended max width and than go down?

I found out, that most recommended is 1024px or 1200px or 1440px.

But is there an reason/sense to use those resolutions as "Photoshop starting width"? I couldnt find an answer.

I think Im missing an glue between responsive design and images width... and between responsive design and design proportions that are changing during resizing vs Photoshop.
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