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The Panda upgrade was intended mainly to penalized sites with lots of unoriginal content ("spammy" sites and sites that scrape content) but there may have been some collateral damage.

A couple things about your situation:

1. SEO is an ongoing process. Once you make it to the first page (or even #1) you can't expect to stay there if you don't keep improving your site and gaining new links. After all that's what your competitors are doing and, if you stand still, pretty soon they'll pass you.

2. SERPs can vary wildly for short periods of time (or even between datacenters at the same time). The important thing is to monitor trends over time. A drop can be caused by a lot of reasons and may only be temporary. If you monitor things you can probably tell if you have a real problem or just a temporary one.

3. What has been the impact on traffic to your website? Does being in the top 3 or 4 for "web design tamworth" actually bring in traffic?
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