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Actually it's probably already ranked properly. If "stuff with keywords etc" was all it took, everyone would rank #1. SEO is an ongoing project, not a one-time fix. So you've still got a lot of work to do:

1. What keywords are you targeting.

2. Do the headlines and text of your pages use those words?

3. Do you have any external links (hopefully on relevant sites with one or more of your keywords in the link text)?

4. Have you "claimed" the business as recommended here: (BTW, is also a useful tool for help in claiming local listings).

You also need to promote the site offline on business cards and any company stationary, ads, etc.

Finally you need to have realistic goals and ranking #1 for "driving school" probably isn't one of them. Your real goal is to drive more traffic (pardon the unavoidable pun) to the site and convert more of that traffic to students. Measuring you success doing that will help you determine if your effort are bearing fruit.
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