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Default DIV's disasters...

I'm still having troubles with Div Layouts. Seems like I've tried everything.
Simple 3 column format but I cannot seem to get things to stay where they should. This is driving me totally insane. My 3 columns are divided into quite a few nested divs, 3 on left, 5 in middle, 3 on right, but I don't think it's too complex, I just don't have the knowhow. I'm using a 1280 x 1024 background behind all.

All the tutorials show very simple layouts, none of which cover what I am trying to do.

How can I get this sorted, all I want to do is create a standard interface and then apply it as a template with editable regions.

Can anyone put me onto someone that can do this layout as I have wasted weeks on this and have had enough. I'm no dummy (at least I didn't think I was) and sure I understand how to float divs etc. But I am tearing my hair out.
Any help much appreciated!!!
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