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there is a less bulky and probably easier-to-config TinyCMS
as a joomla noob it took me 3 months to get a page up on joomla, even with the assistance of a hosting install script. so I was considering Drupal or TinyCMS as a replacement.

TinyCMS modifies the page in-place. and it's site-to-site PORTABLE because there is no database (yay!). I like that. this also means you can FTP it to your machine and have a backup of your site and stuff it on a cd. so you can do backups, and hand/send a copy of the site to your customer!

this also means if the site goes down, that backup can spare your customer from loss and give your customer warm feelings (towards you and about their site's status).

I mention site-to-site because I think someone I was updating a site for, that hosting company is no longer in existence. they do come and go.
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