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Default cms/forum software

I wanted to get your guys take on the different types of forum software out there.

As far as forum software goes I here that these are some of the best:




vBulletin (the software used here)

CMS Forum software


Here are some of the pluses I see of using cms forum software (from what I have read)
more templates
more admin options
basically better customization

I have worked with these 3 CMS programs just a little bit and they seem a little messy to me for lack of a better word...

I also had some security problems caused by a template I installed with wordpress...

Now to the free forum software

I here good things about SMF and phpbb. They are both pretty good and very popular but I don't mind paying a little bit more to get vbulletin if I can justify the cost.

If I was to set up my forum using SMF and then down the road I decided to switch to vBulletin would this be a problem? Can I convert from one software easily to the next and still keep all my post?

so many questions...
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