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Originally Posted by tahsin1982 View Post
I dont want to give up on joomla its just the back end of joomla confuses me completely liek the category, section and articles.
Yes, I agree with you. Jooma is originally a blog/news CMS and that's why they came up with a structure like this this and it can be quite confusing if you're dealing for the first time with them. In joomla 1.6 they've dropped the whole article, section and category thing to make it easier to build other type of sites with it (at least that's what I've read, but not tested myself yet).

Originally Posted by tahsin1982 View Post
Then lets say the service page I want a different layout and I have no idea how to do that. Do I create anohter template with moduele and upload and link it with the service link?
You can load more then one template if you want to have a page that has a different layout or design then your main template, you just crate another template of this just like you've created your main template. Upload all the files to a new directory called 'services' in your template directory and then in the admin go to extensions --> template manager --> click the 'services' template and within the template edit page you see an option called 'menu assignment' where you choose 'select from list'. Select your services menu item --> click on save --> and you're done! Now whenever you click on the front-end on 'services' in your menu. it will load that special designed template for that page.
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