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Gavin Whittaker
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Default Spry menu bar doesn't display in browser

I guess the title says it all. I'm rewriting my existing website in Dreamweaver, and most of it is going okay, but I have an issue that I've spent several man-days on now and can't resolve. The spry menu bar that I've got displays perfectly in live view - the menu appears, highlights, drops down, etc. - but doesn't display at all in a browser, irrespective of whether the files are on my laptop, or on a remote server. The spry menu is supposed to appear between the title and the subtitle, but all that I can find there is a couple of blank highlightable characters. The page can be found at

I created the menu bar so that it sits as a separate file that can be displayed on any page, so that if the website structure changes I only need to change one file, rather than change every page. I've checked the file links in the script and they all seem correct, and I'm now completely stumped. Any help or suggestions to get this working would be very much appreciated - thanks!
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