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Default Dreamweaver initial setup question

Hello: I am re-doing an existing website that is old and done using frames.
At any rate, I'm would like to re-do the site using Dreamweaver, so I'm just learning it.

My question is, when I was in the process of following a tutorial, from the menu bar it had me go to "Site->New Site" and set it up; I listed where the site was currently being hosted, but didn't publish anything yet because the pages aren't ready to upload and i don't want to overwrite the current content. e.g. index.html

I was thinking that I would create a subfolder off the current web to publish the files so the user could view the new stuff before going live, but I was wondering what your thoughts were on this. I'm not sure how else to go about having a space for the user to view the pages before getting rid of the existing stuff.

Also, the tutorial is having me work with a template and I like this idea, because it seems like it would allow me to make the pages uniform. I was wondering what your thoughts are on using the templates? are there any down sides to it? This is a very small site and the content is straight forward.

Thanks for your help and insite.
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