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Originally Posted by blimp View Post
I was just checking out this movie trailer and wanted to know how Apple has created that video player?

Have they used a plugin or some form of java script?
Its some kind of Lightbox plugin that can play media. There are quite some free ones for download on the net. Videobox is one of them if I'm correct.

The one that Apple uses is one of there own and use just like Lightbox the JavaScript library Prototype in combination with Scriptaculous.

This is what I grabbed out of a JavaScrip file named ac_media.js
// = Apple Gracefully Degrading Media Playback =
// This script provides functionality for both creating video players
// that will use modern technology if possible, but fall back on QuickTime.
// Part of the functionality included herein is also video controls similar 
// to those in Show Leopard's QuickTime X Player.
I have to agree... Mac does it nice as usual
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