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Don't worry about the javascript files, you shouldn't ever need to edit them.

Editing a library item to update a number of pages only works if the menu was originally placed in the pages as a library item. When you edit a library item it updates only pages that already contain the item.

If the menu wasn't created and placed on the pages as a library item (or as part of a template) you'll have to edit each page individually. Of course you could make the menu a library item now and then add it to each page. That will take some time but at least you'd be ready for the next time you need to update it.

And don't worry about what the menu looks like in the library. It's appearance is dependent upon a CSS file attached to the pages. The library can't see the CSS and so it shows an unformatted list. As long as the page you drop the library item into is also linked to the spry javascript and css files (it should be if there was already a menu on the pages) it will look/work OK.
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