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Thanks BV! I've made some changes to the logo, both before your post and as a result of your post. Here's the previous proof, followed by updated proofs - I'll detail the changes below:

1. New font with adjusted kerning, sphere changed to circle and reduced in size, stroke added to circle, stroke and width of "9" reduced

2. Width of "9" further reduced

3. Size of symbol further reduced, stroke added to "nine"

4. Width of "9" further reduced

Please let me know your thoughts - what works, and what doesn't. For right now, I'm planning to use the logo below a description of my services in advertising, but once I'm using it as a "standalone" image, I'll add a description of my services or slogan below the logo.

Ove and Rob - I'm not ignoring your input, and I'll post here with what I've come up with sometime in the near future.

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