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Definatly don't have the media word in an outlined white.

Font is ok (meaning on the fence but its not the greatest or bad).

Business name and Logo tells me nothing of what you do. For major companies like Apple or something there is no need but for startup businesses its really important typically to put a slogan or something into your logo that will give people a STRONG sense of what you do.

The sphere in this last post is way too big!

I wouldn't do a 3D sphere. I'm not keen on any of the above spheres but I think if maybe you did something with this last mockup... smaller and not 3d looking then you might be on to something.

In all honesty I wouldn't call any of them "bad"... One of my jobs is working for a sign company so I can't ever keep my mouth shut on this stuff.

Keep up the good work : )
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