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There's a line of javascript at the end of the file that "activates" the panel. At the moment you only have that for the first panel. You need to add it for all six panels:

<script type="text/javascript">
var CollapsiblePanel1 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel1", {contentIsOpen:false});
var CollapsiblePanel2 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel2", {contentIsOpen:false});
var CollapsiblePanel3 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel3", {contentIsOpen:false});
var CollapsiblePanel4 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel4", {contentIsOpen:false});
var CollapsiblePanel5 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel5", {contentIsOpen:false});
var CollapsiblePanel6 = new Spry.Widget.CollapsiblePanel("CollapsiblePanel6", {contentIsOpen:false});
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