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Default some fresh eyes..

I've been trying to find out what is causing my webpage to be (a little) out fo sink lately. Ive made some, minor, changes but my index page does not seem to display the page correctly.

I use the same CSS style sheet for both pages, you can find them here: and
It was all ok yesterday but i've tried to find out what went wrong since this morning.

Especially IE is not working for me.
You can see at the left center div=leftcol is about 5pixels off to the left as well as to the bottom.
AS i said the CSS is the same for both pages.

MAybe a fresh pair of eyes can help me out here?

CSS is attached.

I have forgotten one more thing:
In Chrome the index page is correctly diplayed as in: centered. However in IE its not.
How is that possible when again the same CSS code is called upon...?
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