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Default Is there a problem with notifications?

I have a notification that fredpeterson543 made a reply to my post yesterday.. but there is no reply here on the forum and no indication the email was a PM...

For information on the saga of replacing a website with a new version.

Google is still reporting nearly 400 "404" errors from pages blocked by robots text and some that were deleted from the site almost 5 years ago!

Webtools has an option to re-index the home page and all other pages - which has been done a few times now! Google may re-index the site but they do not apparently update their archive and hang on to dead pages.

As a possible warning to others.. renaming or deleting old PDf files and such can and does enable Google to advice a bucket full of "errors" - dead links and getting them removed or re-named is almost impossible. Checking some of the dead links shows there are directory site who spyder the net and add a website without asking the owner/company concerned, which is possibly part of the reasons Googles discounting backlinks from such places.
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