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If i were you, I would be much more worried about the awful code behind the site. you have almost 1000 lines of code before you get to the body. slicing psd's is not web design. absolutely positioning so many divs is also asking for trouble. (e.g. try increasing text size a little and 'see' the text disappear)

typographically it's not much healthier either: text is too small with insufficient contrast, fully justified text is harder to read and does not work well on the web and it needs more padding so it can breath. Italics should be used for emphasis, in small chunks when necessary, not as main copy. while i'm also offering suggestions... don't underline text unless it's a link

navigation should be text (you can use @fontface if you require a particular font that isn't 'web safe' (assuming you have the rights to the font or it is free)

your header (AND footer) image is a png when it should be a jpeg (and way smaller than 360 kb)

images: resize them to the proper dimensions, optimise them AND check the levels so they don't look so washed out

a dutone might work nicely for the header image
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