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Smile We need new Member Rank names!

Hi all!

I'm going to change the member rank system a little. This is the system that counts the amounts of posts a user has and gives them a rank based on this count. The current list is:
Minimum Posts:0 -> New Member
Minimum Posts:50 -> Bronze Member
Minimum Posts:100 -> Silver Member
Minimum Posts:250 -> Gold Member
Minimum Posts:500 -> Platinum Member
Minimum Posts:1000 -> Diamond Member

The new ranking system will be based on the current post counts:
1. 0-50
2. 50-100
3. 100-200
4. 200-400
5. 400-700
6. 700-1000
7. 1000-1500
8. 1500-2500
9. 2500-5000
10. 5000->

What I need suggestions on, is names on this list. 10 of them as you can see.
It can be anything.. you can build on the current ones or make a better one. Whoever makes the one that is chosen gets to be member of the month next month We'll make a nice graphic under your avatar to display this.

So come on with your suggestions everyone.. talk about it, chat about it, blog about it, dream about it..
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