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Default Spry data shows in live view and IE but not FF

Hey guys, hope you can help on this one. Usually I solve Dreamweaver problems on my own but this time I'm completely stumped . I hope someone has the expertise to help.

I made a home page and inserted a spry data set into the content area below the header. All of this worked fine (displayed in live view, FF9.0.1 and IE8.0.6).

I cleared the content area and saved the page as a template, since every page in my site will be the same with the exception of the content area. From this template I created a new page and inserted my spry data set, just as I had done before. This displayed in live view as expected. Strangely though, the data set would not display when previewed in FF, despite the fact it displayed without a problem before. I then previewed the page in my surprise everything looked ok.

I assumed that perhaps I had made a mistake somewhere so I tried again, same result. I checked the code and couldn't see the cause. I even tried creating a new page (not from a template) and had the same problem. It was almost as though DW had become corrupted.

I uninstalled and reinstalled my browsers and Dreamweaver - no change. I completely reformatted my computer which fixed everything. "Great" I thought until the exact same problem reoccured while inserting spry data into a template.

It's weird, the problem only occurs when previewing in FF. It's almost as though the process of inserting spry data in a template corrupts my files and can only be fixed by reformatting my comp. Other than a complete reformat and avoiding templates, what can I do to make this work?

Please help. My page is attached for inspection, just in case someone spots something I haven't. Much appreciated if you can help!

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