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Default Spry Tabbed Panel acting oddly!

I have a Spry Tabbed Panel with 24 tabs.

The uploaded page looks and works well in IE7, but all tabs have a visual shudder when using the latest Firefox.

It happens only with the right-hand end tabs on the top two lines when they get the 'mouse-over', and although the tab's contents display okay when clicked, the shuddering makes the entire page look very ordinary.

The web site page is located at:

Dreamweaver CS3's Browser Compatibility Check shows FOUR Expanding Box Problems, and all say that "Any content that does not fit in a fixed-width or -height box causes the box to expand to fit the content rather than letting the content overflow. Affects: Internet Explorer 6.0. Likelihood: Likely".

The same Compatibility Check also mentions a Double Float Margin Bug which describes it so: "When a margin is applied to a floated box on the same side as the direction of the float, the margin is doubled. This bug only affects the first float in a row of one or more floats. Affects: Internet Explorer 6.0. Likelihood: Very Likely".

I'm hoping for a bit of help here, because I can't work out what the problem is. If anyone is able to help and needs the Spry tabbedpanels.css file, please let me know.

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