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Default Uploaded dynamic site and doesn't show up in the browser

Hi I'm having a serious problem. Please help
I've done a dynamic site on my com and it's all working fine on my local server and in my computer but when I've uploaded this to the internet I get nothing on any computer even though I have all my files in my directory.
All my pages are .php extension as I nave a lot of oho happening including logins and sign ups and stuff. I have been all over the internet and i can't find anything that helps me. I'm really stuck ad i need this up on the net with in three days as Im starting a new company and I'm taking it to potential investors to see and if they like it every things great so please help me get this up. The link is just a broken link when u go on to it from any computer. So I don't whats going on. Web sit-ins define properly cos everything woks perfect on my computer with wamp. Then uploaded don't get anything. Plead help. Thank you
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