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Default Online Reply/Enquiry forms

I know Dreamweaver is not the best for PHP, however a website I have has used a "sendresults.php" page to drive a contact form. In the script is a link to open a confirmation page - which works OK... but the form content is not sent out. The server has options for four versions of PHP. It was on v4.?.? but having spent time with all options and the others ie CGI, fastCGI and one I forgot.... but no combination triggers sending the form results.
I am guessing the PHP script is now seen as to old and is not working.
That is the background - and I also today tried a script that was in a 2013 post - and that fails also...

Are there any free reply/contact us type forms that work with or without a PHP driver script?

Best Wishes to all members and staff and hope we all have a safe and happy 2018 .
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