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Thanks Corrosive for your reply.

Example of one line with error code:

<li><a href="#"><a href="M65_wolf_fur_hood.html">Wolf Fur Hoods</a></li>

This part of the above code appears to be the tag containing the error on each line:
<a href="M65_wolf_fur_hood.html">

Dreamweaver states 'Invalid Markup' Marked invalid because it doesn't belong in the tag its in.

I think the may be something to do with the fact that there are two href elements:

<li><a href="#"><a href="M65_wolf_fur_hood.html">

Problem is the code works fine and if I remove the <a href="#"> tag then the spry drop down menu does not change colour when hovering over a link.

Any one with any advice would be most appreciated. Thanks
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