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Default How to find file where text element is stored?


Change a piece of text that belongs to a template.


I've gotten pretty savvy at tracking down pieces of code inside these joomla templates & changing as necessary. This one has me stumped... Is there a way to derive the precise file source for a string of text on a page? The page in question is a template obviously but it doesn't seem to be contained in the usual haunts in the file system.


1. In chrome, go to

2. Scroll down to bottom of page where you see the Upgrade button...

3. Immediately above that you see monetary amounts & timeframes.

4. I need to change the timeframe descriptives, i.e change '1 mo' to 'mo', '1 yr' to 'yr'...

5. The monetary amounts are handled in the CMS admin. The timeframes are a piece of hard html code inside a default php template.

6. I am looking for that php template file to make these adjustments. Where it should be, and where I have gone before to edit items on that page, the text in question is not to be found.

7. With the chrome developer tools & utilizing the search option thereof, one of course gets taken straight to the code lines in question. Is there perhaps one additional tool I'm unaware of that can give me the file path reference from which this text is being pulled?

8. The site is hosted by host gator and they have a pretty handy file search tool, but it didn't find it either...
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