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Default Install Google Analytics to Joomla Modified PHP Template

This site is a Joomla 1.5. Normal access to modify html is to go into extensions, choose the template & simply modify from there. In this case, the site has had some overwrites done to the template and instead of seeing HTML there is a php script. Can anyone have a looksee at this script & possibly derive what file to go to and add code to the head? I'm digging around in the files, and honestly shooting in the dark here. I found some files in the layout directory that looked like possibles, but adding code into the head was inneffective. Here is the php file one sees when accessing the code in the normal manner in the admin panel:
  JA Purity II for Joomla 1.5
#Copyright (C) 2004-2009 J.O.O.M Solutions Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.
#@license - GNU/GPL,
#Author: J.O.O.M Solutions Co., Ltd
#Websites: -

// no direct access
defined( '_JEXEC' ) or die( 'Restricted access' );
include_once (dirname(__FILE__).DS.'libs'.DS.'ja.template.helper.php');
$tmplTools = JATemplateHelper::getInstance($this, array('ui', JA_TOOL_SCREEN, JA_TOOL_MENU, 'main_layout', 'direction'));
//Calculate the width of template
$tmplWidth = '';
$tmplWrapMin = '100%';
switch ($tmplTools->getParam(JA_TOOL_SCREEN)){
 case 'auto':
  $tmplWidth = '97%';
 case 'fluid':
  $tmplWidth = intval($tmplTools->getParam('ja_screen-fluid-fix-ja_screen_width'));
  $tmplWidth = $tmplWidth ? $tmplWidth.'%' : '90%';
 case 'fix':
  $tmplWidth = intval($tmplTools->getParam('ja_screen-fluid-fix-ja_screen_width'));
  $tmplWrapMin = $tmplWidth ? ($tmplWidth+1).'px' : '771px';
  $tmplWidth = $tmplWidth ? $tmplWidth.'px' : '770px';
  $tmplWidth = intval($tmplTools->getParam(JA_TOOL_SCREEN));
  $tmplWrapMin = $tmplWidth ? ($tmplWidth+1).'px' : '981px';
  $tmplWidth = $tmplWidth ? $tmplWidth.'px' : '980px';
$tmplTools->setParam ('tmplWidth', $tmplWidth);
$tmplTools->setParam ('tmplWrapMin', $tmplWrapMin);
//Main navigation
$ja_menutype = $tmplTools->getMenuType();
$jamenu = null;
if ($ja_menutype && $ja_menutype != 'none') {
 $japarams = new JParameter('');
 $japarams->set( 'menutype', $tmplTools->getParam('menutype', 'mainmenu') );
 $japarams->set( 'menu_images_align', 'left' );
 $japarams->set( 'menupath', $tmplTools->templateurl() .'/ja_menus');
 $japarams->set('menu_images', 1); //0: not show image, 1: show image which set in menu item
 $japarams->set('menu_background', 1); //0: image, 1: background
 $japarams->set('mega-colwidth', 200); //Megamenu only: Default column width
 $japarams->set('mega-style', 1); //Megamenu only: Menu style. 
 $japarams->set('rtl',($tmplTools->getParam('direction')=='rtl' || $tmplTools->direction == 'rtl'));
 $jamenu = $tmplTools->loadMenu($japarams, $ja_menutype); 
//End for main navigation
$layout = $tmplTools->getLayout ();
if ($layout) {
 $tmplTools->display ($layout);
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