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Default Need CSS - HTML5 - Dreamweaver Programmer

Trying to build a template in Dreamweaver 5.5 using HTML5 and CSS3 or better. The template is repeated 40-70 times on our website. (clarify display)

The items in the display consist of 9 images and text and links of which all fall in the same position on every display.

On reading on CSS I get a definite feeling that a good knowledge of CSS is extremely important and based on the fact I am in the learning stage, this would not be the way to learn. So I am looking for somebody to develop the template. To get a better feel for what I am talking about, go to It is the large lower right frame that we we would like to have rebuilt. Unfortunately to get 100% usability of the site you have to have Sun's Java Plug-in installed in order to use the left navigation. You should still be able to see the display without the java plug-in installed.

Bob Snow
Beginner looking for professional help in CSS.
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