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The HTML of that navigation gets injected through JavaScript (Scripts/Widgets/Navbar/navbar.js) into the DOM (Document Object Model), so it's a sort of hidden and not for real in your code. Did you change that menu item in DW design view?

That navigation is an iWeb widget and can therefore only be edited through some interface in iWeb. I see that even the CSS of the navigation gets handled through javascript, so if you want to change something you need either iWeb or you delete that whole iWeb navbar and its assets and reproduce it with Dreamweaver just with HTML and CSS. there's no JavaScript needed for that navigation... not even the DW Spry nav (which would also be a bad choice for navigation).

You need to do a google search for a tutorial which explains how to create a CSS horizontal navigation with a hover effect (that little arrow). It's a pretty basic navigation effect, so there are tons of tutorials on the web for this.
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