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Default Spry menu bar widget

I hope I am not hi-jacking this post but I'm also new to spry and I'm experiencing the same problem as "joespooner".

When I create a brand new HTML page and insert the default horizontal spry menubar the blue widget appears together with the properties panel at the foot of the page and I can edit the menu to my hearts content.

However, once the menu has been edited, saved and the page closed, when I open it again I cannot get the blue widget to re-appear nor can I get back to the properties panel to edit the main menu and sub menus as before.

I've researched the problem but haven't yet found a solution. One suggestion was similar to the one given in this post by DWcourse which was "whilst in design view, click anywhere on the menu then click on <ul>menubarhorizontal#menubar1> just above the properties page but this doesn't bring back the widget nor the properties panel.

I'm struggling on this one so any advice would be appreciated.

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