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Default Need a pot luck sign-up sheet

I would like to know if someone could, & would,and at what cost,
design a script with the following functions:

Please sign-up to bring the following;

Browned Taco Meat (4 people) [check box] [Fill in your Name]
Chopped Onions (1 person) [check box] [Fill in your Name]
Copped Lettuce (2 People [check Box] [Fill in your Name]

I would like the results to show everyone what is already signed up for, and what things are still needed.

Browned Meat:
1- Lisa Smith
2- John Johnson

Chopped Onions:
1- Duane Dibley

Chpped Lettuce:
1- Peewee Herman

I'd like the contributors to be able to delete their names from the list if they change their mind.

Please answer here and we can get in touch.
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