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Default What is a good text / html ratio?

Obviously there is a definitive standard, I haven't found it. So the general question stands, what is considered an SEO healthy ratio, and more subjectively as follows;

a) All obvious givens aside, are non-html scripts being cataloged as html in this analysis as well? Perhaps another happy reason to go jquery over JS?

b) Kinda zeroing in on Google here, but is there possibly also a definitive point into the body tag that the bots will terminate indexing in the presence of accumulating low ratio? Really referring only to home page with this one, and bad mark-up as a trigger of its own is understood...

c) The presence of a good ratio seems to be quite important, even with the use of a site map. I'm querilous as to the value given this aspect, in that from a retail standpoint, too much information = buzz-kill. That said, slapping some informational prose toward the bottom wouldn't hurt, but, and even if, all manner of care has been taken to assuage technical rules, will the bots make it that far down the page of a 'non .org site' ?
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