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Default mulitple Spry Asset Folders

Im new to Dreamweaver and Im trying to use these Spry Tabbed Panels things.

Let me give you a little background so that it may help you understand what Im trying to accomplish, and hopefully it will make sense.

I have my site created and Dreamweaver has established a SpryAssest Folder in which it has placed my SpryMenuBar info and my SpryTabbedPanel info into.

The SpryMenu is the same across the website.

However I have 3 or 4 different sections to my site.


1. Family photos of our daughter by year
2. Professional portfolio for me one for my wife
3. Video page

(i attached a screen shot to the this post)

So this is the flow of things and where I am coming into a problem.

01. Lets say you click on PHOTO>DAUGHTER from the menu bar on the index page.

02. So now you are on daughter.html

03. on daughter.html I am using a SpryTabbedPanel and want to use a different tab for each year of photos. So I have 7 tabs Year00 to Year 06.

I then set up the SpryTabbedPanel the way I want (color, font size etc) which is all fine and dandy.

However, this SpryTabbedPannel is unique to my daughter.html page

When I create my Portfolio Page I want different tab titles and a different number of tabs in general.

But what I've noticed is that the SpryTabbedPanel configuration is carrying over from what I created on daughter.html to the portfolio.html page. And if I make changes on the portfolio.html page it also changes it on the daughter.html page.

So how do I separate the various SpryTabbedPanels so one doesnt overwrite the other?

the more detailed your answer the better for me as Im new to this and I may not be able to follow if any info is left out.

thanks so much in advance

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