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Default Need Help With Checkbox

Hi All

Sorry if this is a simple question to most of you but i really need help. I usually stay in the world of php, but I had to build a site on a windows server so all the forms handling etc. I did in asp.
The thing is I have a page that I need to have a checkbox on so that once someone clicks it and presses submit/continue button they are brought to a new page on my site, but if they don't click the check box and try to continue an error message appears telling them they must agree to the terms before they can progress.
For all the world it's like a stand alone terms and conditions page that once you read through you have to click the box before you can continue. Apart from the typed words the check box is the only interactive thing there.

I tried to find the answer myself and went through everything I know but asp is really all new to me. I built a check box and submit button in dreamweaver but I ran into a few problems, one was trying to validate the check box and the other was actually getting the submit button to work. It just wanted to send the check box results to an email account but wouldn't let me have it send the user to a new page instead.

I would be really grateful if anyone can help me with this.

Thanks guys
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