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Default asp or php with mysql

I am new to making a web based db. Trying to decide if I should use php with mysql or asp with mysql. I have some MS Access coding experience as well as VBA, but no C, C+ or php experience. I want to try both in a test web server environment. I have Dreamweaver CS4 and Access 2007. From what I have read it seems that Access has some problems with multiple users, so I am leaning toward mysql as the backend. I have installed mysql and phpadmin with xampp. I also have IIS on the same machine. I am confused by the basics of what determines the "local host" if both IIS and mysql are on the same machine. Using xampp I can see that you have to start the mysql service, but does that conflict with IIS which seems like it is always running. If I am trying to set up a test server using asp and mysql what services do I need to have running and are there other services that should not be running.

This application will have some detailed data reporting functions and I need to have record sets restricted to authorized users (all records for all companies will be in the database, but must be filtered by which authorized customer is accessing the data)

Any help would be appreciated.
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