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Default Positioning Stretchy Background Picture between Stretchy Header and Footer

Hello all,

I am a new user to Dreamweaver CS4, and I am building and learning at the same time. I have a help request for you veteran users who could probably solve this in a snap.

Basically, I have made an elastic site with a header and footer that span the top and bottom of the page. They are wonderfully resizable.

What I would like to do is place an image to fill up the negative space in the center and act as a stretchy background graphic. That way they all resize proportionally. I do not want the background graphic to slide underneath the header and footer, rather, I would like for it to right up to the very edge of each and stop, yet fill the space.

If you would like to see my progress, this is the structure with the header and footer and nothing between them, and there are no scrollbars. You can also see a temp of the background image I would like to fill and stretch (

Here is what it looks like when I put a background graphic in the center.( Though the background is in there, it slides under the footer, and I can't get the dang scrollbars to go away. Plus if you make the window smaller, the bottom bar disappears! Frustrating.

I want to use the first one, but have the image fill the area.

Any help is greatly appreciated!

(I am not at my normal computer, and thus, can't post code, but I would be glad to provide it when I get back home!)

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