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Default Tabbed panels not working in IE7 (fine in FF3)

I just changed 3 existing pages into one page using 3 tabbed panels. All works perfectly in FF3, but in IE7 the initial page display shows the contents of all 3 panels sequentially and the tabs do not respond to clicks.

I have tested this extensively yesterday and I even managed to edit the page to make the code 100% validated against the XHTML 1.0 Transitional standard using the w3c website.

I narrowed the problem down to a menu which precedes the Spry code on my page. If I remove the menu code, then the tabbed panels work fine. I can't understand though how the menu code is having the effect it does. Is anyone able to take a look and offer help please?

Here is the link to the new page:

This is the original page which the new one is based on:

Any help would be appreciated,

Paul A

p.s. a similar question has been posted on adobeforums, but no response. Thank you, Paul
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