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Default Photo album into on-line auction ads. Please Help!

Hello DW forum,
I'm trying to use a photo album in on-line auction ads made in DW 4.0 with the images hosted on my server. Ideally, I would like to incorporate a small thumbnail gallery with rollover behaviour such as can be seen here:

and here...

Firstly, can anyone recommend software that will quickly generate the thumbnails and all the links?
I'm experimenting with Jalbum and Thumb Studio but not yet sure if these will make the rollover gallery.

I've made a web photo album from the Commands/Create Web Photo Album menu which of course produces a neatly arranged package of thumbnails but on a new DW page. My question is, how do I integrate the album code into an existing DW page layout? Whenever I try to combine the photo album code with my auction ad page code all images disappear.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Oh yeah... is there any way to get rid of all those ghastly image numbers, like DSC0258545.jpg?
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