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Originally Posted by walkamongus View Post
thanks for the replies. i got it to work once but this is still giving me problems. im using CS3 9.0. mine says you can "show events for"...

4.0 and later browsers
html 4.01
IE 4.0
IE 5.0
IE 5.5
IE 6.0
Netscape 4.0
Netscape 6.0

heres what i do... draw an ap div, type some text inside, select it in design view and also in the behaviors dialogue box, and choose appear. it is set to onClick by default. but no matter which browser i select to the events for, the onLoad behavior doesnt show up as an option. maybe im not looking in the right place or something...
onLoad may not be an option (although I think it should be). Why not set your behaviour up as onClick, go into code view, find the code and swap onClick for onLoad? That will tell you if it will work or not.
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