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Default Spry cuts off menubar

I am having the same problem. Has there been a fix found for this? My issue is slighty different though....

I am trying to create a second level in the spry drop menu. Such as computer accessories > cables > USB cables. Since the standard drop menu only supports the main and 1st level of drop down, I added a second spry within the spry, having to move some of the ending </div> tags to allow these to appear in the same category menu.

Now is where the problem starts. The top level expands fine.
The second level spry menu pushes the lower menu bars out of the screen (in IE7)(overlaps the lower text in firefox).
If you expand all the menu images that appear and collapse the menu bar from the top level, then expand the top level again, it will display all the menu options. If you then collapse the secondard spry menu's, the area below the menu stay's there until the top level is collapsed.

I have suspected that the problem lies in teh DIV tags but can not pinpoint the exact troublespot. If anyone has any idea's please feel free to email me.

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