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Default Spry menu in ap div?

HI all.

I had a very specific idea for the spacing of the main cells on my navigation bar (ie: they would be separated by about 3 pixels each) and could find no way to do this with a regular spry drop down.

So - I inserted an ap div box and inserted the spry menu inside that. Then I cut down all the cells I didn't need until I had one main cell that drops down 5 sub-menus and placed it in between 4 other apdiv menu blocks. After that I played with the horizontalmenu css until I had the colour, height etc. I needed. I am now ready to create a template that will be used throughout my site:

My question is - will I encounter some sort of problem as
  1. the css for the menu has been changed and saved in the spry menu folder...will it apply to all my other pages made from the template?
  2. the menu being in an apdiv this going to cause some sort of problem? It looks fine in firefox, IE and least for the moment.
  3. is there some way to separate the main menu cells in the spry horizontal drop down so there is 3-5 pixels blank space between? (I can manipulate all the sub-menus, just not the main ones).
  4. and last - if I create more than one spry horizontal on a page my css edits apply to both - I can't seem to edit each one it possible?
Sorry for all the questions - I have been going mad with the drop down. I should probably have just found a way to code it....might have been easier in the end :P

THanks for any and all help...I am new to this so struggling!!

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