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Originally Posted by africano View Post
Ok, sorry....Does give you a free Domain name or do you have to pay for it.....?? Im probably gonna go for this..but Im thinking of going for the 12 month or 24 month plan....

EDIT: WOW!!..... **You will be charged this amount immediately: $177.60
(24 months @ $7.4 with FREE setup)** Dont understand, dont I pay monthly?? IM SORRY, i might be a bit thick but i cant see why they charge me that amount....its quite expensive 100 odd euros.

Corrosive you said something around 35-50 Pounds....?
I use these guys...

for Corrosive Online. I bought it a while ago for another project but you have to pay extra for a MySql database which is something I needed. Wished I'd read the small print to be honest . Anyhoo, I use a different host for that project now. The cost of basic space on fasthosts is 3.99 per month...12 months is 47.88. I thought it was between 35 and 50 per year so was about right. This is not a recommendation as such as there are extra charges for some of the stuff you'd really expect to be included, but it is reliable as far as I have found.

You will be pleased to know that the domain name you want is available!
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