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Default Frameset Dilema. Please Help.

hey gang.

this is a pretty basic question. so don't laugh.

lets say i want to build a web site. lets say i have a frameset that is called homeframeset.htm. now when i open the website... this is the home page. it has frames and a mainframe which is the body (home.htm)... now this frameset is comprised of a few individual frames. the top bottom side etc etc... one specific frame holds the image for the title "home"... it is NOT a graphic inside of the mainframe (home.htm) i've done this cause i want the title to remain static when i scroll down the main frame... the graphic home is an individual frame that is part of the whole frameset.... like HOME.htm is part of homeframeset.htm...

now i want to add a new page... titled "about us"... this is pretty simple... use the same frameset and only change the link for the "mainframe"... that will hold info on "about us"...

HOWEVER... SINCE i have decided to use a graphic as a heading... when i want to associate a graphic title "about us" to the "about us" page... i find i have to create another FRAMESET... thus titled aboutusframeset.htm... which has its own title.htm and body.htm... so in the end when i have multiple page site with its own headings... i find i have multiple framesets!!!

what i want to do is basically. have ONE frameset and have the title / heading change accordingly. but the heading / title is not part of the body... cause i want it to remain within a confined graphic area.

is there a way around it? is there a BETTER PATH to take?

see attachment for more details

thanks in advance.
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