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While I agree with much of what was said, their are other advantages to using a WYSIWYG editor.

1. Site organization
2. Dynamic site creation (database based information)

These are 2 areas where using a WYSIWYG editor shine.

I do strongly agree however that many of today's wannabee webmasters do not learn the fundamentals first. You have to know HTML/CSS and how it works before ever writing one bit of code.

While the 2 mentioned editors are not perfect, they have come along way in adhering to standards and accessibilty guidelines.
Dreamweaver for example does have extensions available for accessiblity checking within the program.

Since my company primarily does intranets I also have to look at user updating of pages. When a client of mine has their network based on Microsoft servers, it is much easier for me to write their intranet using Front Page and DWT's (templates). This way they can update their pages without messing up the underlying structure.
The same can be done on some of my other sites using Unix/Linux servers. I use Dreamweaver to create the structure and have them use Contribute to update their pages.

Finally, you have to remember that an editor is just a tool.
You have to know how to write your code whether it be HTML, CSS, PHP or whatever.
If you don't, no editor can help you.

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