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dougg 02-13-2018 06:36 PM

live view
cannot view images, nor relative div positions in design view.
I uploaded and saved files from active website - everything looks fine online.
Does anyone have ideas where I should look for the problem?

New Perspective Studio 02-23-2018 05:57 AM

Its hard to tell, but i know where you can start ,open with browser than choose the inspect element icon then float that icon over your code in the side bar and see what get highlighted , it will probably be all off screen or you can play with the css setting in the browser , also have a look at you console for any errors in trying to retrieve files.

Also cahnge the elements to fixed and remove the margins and css properties and see if it does display, remember a relative div applies its rules relative to its parent div so you could be pushing it off screen or something.

dougg 02-23-2018 02:15 PM

Thank you.
Turns out it was 2 problems.
1st was the file path created for images themselves. The code was
<img src=".../photos/Horses/LC-Banner-01_758x126-01_150dpi.jpg" alt="banner" >
I simply changed to
<img src="/photos/Horses/LC-Banner-01_758x126-01_150dpi.jpg" alt="banner" >
2nd problem was with path to my testing server (Mamp). Fixed that.
Good to go.
Thanks for suggestions

New Perspective Studio 03-23-2018 11:25 AM

Oh glad you found the issue i use wammp ( which is pretty much the same i assume ) and i know that if you dont keep your files nice and organised within your htdocs folder when developing the paths can get messed up when going live. Especially with dynamic websites.

See if you looked it up in the browser it would have shown a 404 error on the console and told you what file it was looking for and where.

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