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davepins 05-30-2012 01:40 PM

HTML / CSS3 responsive developer required
We require a front end developer to work on one of our largest client's site. It needs a little TLC, standardising and future proofing based around responsive design.

We have a large team consisting of multiple disciplines (UX, QAT, Front-end / middle tier / database development) all focussed on creating some fantastic work (FB integration, forums...) in an agile environment. We'll be catering for 3 breakpoints (Desktop, tablet and mobile) across 25 templates (ish).

We'd need any freelancer hired to work on site, on a fixed contract basis.

If this sounds interesting, get in touch with some links to your portfolio that are relevant to the skills required.

250-300/day in Bristol

email - hello@3desk.com

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