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xboxdynasty 10-26-2011 09:13 PM

Looking for Spry expert and some basic codeing
I am working on a website for a rail activities club. I am going for a very graphical improvement to this website:


I have designed a layout and it needs to be coded. I am very short on time to work this semester. I would really appreciate some cheap help to aid in its completion.

I am looking to get the menus and links working on this:


You would need to complete the 4 menus and make the links target the content frame. I will add the other 3 sections on top later (calender, honorary, and upcoming events).

I have all the image files prepared, index.html, and css files. As you can see the page has been divided up and simply needs the menus.

I can pay or trade for graphics work (I'll get it done quickly even though I'm busy). I'm doing this website for free but care enough for the group to finance its completion.

Let me know what you can do and how many hours you would need to put in.

Feel free to contact me at xboxdynasty@gmail.com



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