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mwolfe0424 09-30-2010 12:49 AM

Need a warning if the SpryValidation returns false
I have a very long form and I use SpryValidation. When the user submits the form, if some fields are missing the form just doesn’t submit. Users sometimes do not realize that the form is not submitting because they are missing something, if the field they have problems is at the top of the page. They just thing the form is not working unless they scroll to the top and look at the message. I will like to display some kind of warning, maybe next to the submit button. How can I do this?

DWcourse 09-30-2010 01:15 AM

I do't think you're going to be able to do this with the built-in spry validation tools without some heavy duty code editing. But I've noticed the issue as well and would appreciate you're posting an answer if you find one.

edbr 09-30-2010 07:23 AM

these any use to you ?


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