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stevenradams 07-20-2009 01:16 PM

spry and IE... unsurprisingly.
hello all,

i realise that I'm getting to be a bit of a prolific questioner, but hopefully others are being helped too...

i'm having an issue with spry. I have an rss feed created using dreamfeeder. I've created a spry region, and have imported a data field, styled using css.

when I visit adamsapplemedia.co.uk using IE, I notice that the div appears as intended (including the new twitter feed), but with spry code rather than the data itself... but then as the js kicks in and it references the .rss file, the div 'refreshes' and the content of the whole div just vanishes...

does this make sense and ring a bell with anyone?? any steer would be appreciated.

stevenradams 07-20-2009 01:50 PM

and incidentally, i've tested it on a few different IE-based PCs, and checked their Active Script settings are set to 'enabled' which they do seem to be. So it's not that JS is switched off...

stevenradams 07-20-2009 02:51 PM

hmm... making some kind of progress.

a few forums on adobe.com made comment about the data being brought in being xml and not html (not quite sure how to tell the difference looking the code myself... newbie-ish as that may be).

anyway, i looked at the following code in adamsapplemedia.co.uk :

<script src="../SpryAssets/xpath.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script src="../SpryAssets/SpryData.js" type="text/javascript"></script>
<script type="text/javascript">

and changed the 'text/javascript' to 'text/xml' one by one to see what effect it had. changing the sprydata.js line had the best effect, namely the spry div showed its content, the twitter code (that comes after the spry stuff, but both residing in the same div) worked fine, but the spry data just showed the {title} tag, rather than actually referencing my rss file.

soooo, it looks as if something in the javascript is just stopping IE in its tracks (as IE doesn't render the twitter code with the code above unaltered). I've checked the JS settings for IE and active scripting IS enabled.

stevenradams 07-20-2009 03:21 PM

ok, i'm out of ideas. there's a lot on the web about spry not displaying properly, but i can't track anything down here... grrr...

stevenradams 07-20-2009 06:42 PM

OK... sorted.

This issue was all due to the fact that the file my spry was referencing to update my blog feed was .rss. Don't know why, but when I recreated the feed as .xml, and amended code within my dwt accordingly, IE started referencing the data just fine.

Worth knowing in the future that anybody who has spry data not appearing in IE should look at the validation of their xml file. Screwed me up for days.

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